Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today was the the day we went to see the wildlife first hand here in South Africa.

Before we got to the Lions and Cheetahs, we had to have some fun on the drive.
I'll never again complain about potholes in the road.
Patricia got some great pictures of  Zebras, Giraffes, Antelopes, Elephants etc.
Our first stop was an Ostrich, and Patricia had to get right into her feathers to feel how warm she was.

Then we got to the real action,
Too hot today to be bothered with these people

OK, are they leaving, so I have my privacy back with my girls

Then there were the Cheetahs. I suppose they know a gentle hand when they see one.

For more on the adventures of today and our time here, sign up on Patricia's Blog.
give her until after the weekend to have it all put together.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Having something to do

I love going on a vacation and having something to do.
Thankfully, Bernd had just that something in mind for me.

He left me a wall to paint, but only if I have the time, within my three months here.

About one month in, I started looking at it and very casually started to scrape and sand the old paint away.
Now the holes have to be filled in. That's the point where it starts

to feel like work, so I have to go slow.
Then more fun again sanding the wall.

Now when you look at this, don't get any ideas about asking me to have a vacation at your home, it's not going to happened.
There are two more steps, undercoat and then paint. Now the time is getting short. I only have 45 days to complete this.

For the rest of what we are doing, go to Patricia's Blog

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Patriia's new Blog

Now you can also follow our trip/housesit in South Africa.
Patricia is posting her own/our experiences with her pictures,
and I love every single one of them. Go and check out
Patricia's Travel Bits and have fun following our time here.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Not that we need one

Yesterday we had an excuse to drive out of East London west to Port Alfred where we picked up our friend Franzi, who is studying Hospitality Management at the Stenden University South Africa.
We arrived after a pleasant 2 hr drive through great open spaces, with townships along the way.
On the way back, Franzi led us to Bathurst where we had lunch at a historical building.
Back home, Rassie and Tommy were waiting for our arrival and very happy to see Franzi after all this time.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My father said....

Whenever my mother panicked about us kids not being at home on time or not knowing where we were, my father would say either that we would be home when we got hungry, or that if they don't hear from us, all is well.
So all is well. I know since we are here in South Africa and haven't made an entry in my Blog for the last ten days, everyone should assume that we are having a great time.

As I have mentioned, Patricia arrived on the 15th, and on the 20th, we celebrated my 68th birthday. Our friend Mirjam from Stuttgart, who also lives here for a few month in the year, arranged a nice celebration with some new friends. Everyone, including us, had a great time, and we got a lot of good info on where to go and what to see around here.

We are still settling in, as the house is very comfortable, and our hosts Eva and Bernd thought of everything to make our stay pleasant.

There is a great garden to take care of; I have to check for gopher mounds every day, and try somehow to keep them out of the yard, look after the pool sometimes and do some general stuff around the place.

Bernd left us with his cars, so first thing in the day, we go to the beach for a two mile walk to let the dogs out. Rassie loves to chase the birds - never has a chance - but you know what they say, it's the chase. .........
Patricia is leading Rassie & Tommy on

Then it's time for lunch, and we have the afternoon to play and explore.

Patricia is very heavy in shells at the moment, and I hope it wears off in time, otherwise there will be no room for anything else in our suitcases.

So far, we have had great weather, blue skies every day and temperatures hovering around the mid seventies, although the wind gets up around 35 mph.
Today it started raining, but not very heavily, just steady with temps in the mid 60s.

We have met very nice people and are starting to get a feel for the place, also being told where we can and can not go to be on the safe side, just like in LA.