Monday, April 07, 2014

Beach time

We had a nice afternoon visiting Peter & Ashley at the beach. 
They have rented a space in the South Carlsbad camp grounds for two nights and stayed there with their 
grandchildren Max and Shawn.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Another great week

After spending a few days in the high desert in Anza, Aariel and Gavin joined us for a day, so Gavin could continue his mission to explore the planet.
Then we made our way back to Carlsbad via Ramona were we visited Patty and Jorge in their new home on 100+ acres of gently rolling hills. The timing was perfect. They invited us for a Thai lunch and then to their house. As a new house, it needs landscaping which is right down Patricia's alley.  Based on previous conversations, Patty & Jorge asked her to draw up a plan for what plants could go where to keep it as native as possible.
Then it was time to head to our new housesit in Carlsbad at Lore & Jerry's place where Jasmine & Jasper were waiting for us.
We settled in pretty quickly as this is the fifth time in this house, and we know the ropes and looked forward to a relaxing weekend.
Starting the new week, we had Tracy and Ken, Nicole's parents, over for a tapas and wine and great conversation.  On Tuesday our friend Glen joined us for some good SNL humor.
Wednesday was Gavin-day again; we do miss the boy when we are not there for a few days.
The big task this morning was to take care of a blocked drain in the laundry. The plumber made a huge mess, of necessity, but the reward is that the water is now flowing again.
We have needed some nice chairs in the backyard, and they have finally arrived in boxes
 to be stained and assembled; any volunteers?
After all the parts were painted,
they needed to be assembled, and I was very lucky to have a specialist on hand.
 As a reward for a great job, it was time to visit the park where we encountered a school bus, Gavin's new word.
 This gave us the perfect opportunity to practice some new skills
Now it was time for Oma & Opa to hand over the reins to Mama and Papa for the weekend.
Friday was an evening reserved for having longtime friends Tom and Sandy over for drinks, and I had a little too much of the grape juice.  But we had a great time talking about old times and times to come, as Tom is just getting started in his own beer brewery in San Clemente.
Looks like we are fully booked out, as on Saturday, we had arranged to spend time with Ashley and Peter at Sun Harbour Marina in San Diego on Verena & Michael's boat, which they are in the process of selling.

This was the last blast on this boat, and a great time was had for a fitting finish for our week.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Loving spring

We don't have the seasons here like most people have them, other then daylight saving, to make one aware of a change.
This is part of what I see.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

High Desert

We're visiting Anza in the high desert, relaxing while staying at Annette & Guido's house as our get away. We arrived yesterday afternoon and were treated to a wonderful sunset.

We always feel very relaxed up here at about 4000feet. Waking after a restful sleep in a totally quiet and dark place (no street lights), we were treated to a typical Southern California day of blue sky. It fit our plans perfectly as we had decided to head to Idyllwild. On the way, we took a side trip and stopped where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the 74 Highway for a walk north on the trail for about a mile and enjoyed the vastness of the country.

Going North
Going South
Then we headed on to Idyllwild where we stopped to relax at a great bakery called 'Honey Bunns and Joe' for tea and goodies. We invited two locals, Ruth and Linda, to join us at our table. Both are originally from San Diego and just moved here recently.

We met the sister of our hosts Misha, Summer and Sunrise in Vista, Kiki, who has lived up here for the last four years and was able to be our guide in the town, pointing out some of the points of interest we may have missed otherwise.

Kiki & Patricia
We did lots of walking and a very pleasant day was had by all.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Swinging now

We have now advanced to the big league swing, now I just have to gain in height